Power only trucking is where the trucking company/driver provides only the tractor in the tractor-trailer combination. The shipping customer provides a trailer unit which is loaded and ready to go. Situations where this makes sense include:

  • Specialty loads which require a specialty trailer owned by the customer
  • Loads which take a long time to pack, perhaps when an office or warehouse is moving
  • Events which need to move from place-to-place

If you’ve got everything but a way to tow your freight, give us a call. Golden Temple Transport can handle any kind of power only load – from heavy haul to temperature controlled or dry van.


Perishable goods are usually shipped in a refrigerated van or a “reefer”. Whether you need fresh produce, beverages, flowers or pharmaceutical drugs – any commodity that needs the right temperature or humidity levels, then using a reefer is for you. We have a large number of tractors and food grade and temperature controlled trailers that protect your goods from any spoilage or damage.


Dry vans protect goods from the weather, and is a secure way of shipping your cargo. Typically, they can cater for 26 pallets of cargo, or 45,000 lbs of non-perishable goods. We are ready to serve you across North America. We have the experience and expertise to ship nearly any type of dry freight anywhere in the Canada and United States. Are you a shipper who has a load to deliver which requires a dry environment? We can help. Reach out to Golden Temple Transport today to get underway.