We offers a range of truck transportation services to meet all type of requirements 

We provide our customers with reliable and value-creating supply-chain solutions. Explore our Over-the-Road shipment across Canada. 20 tractors and 20 trailers are ready to move your load throughout Canada and and in coming weeks we will be ready for U.S too. Our dedicated customer service teams and industry-leading technology provide support and full visibility of your freight 24-7. We deliver sustainable, energy-efficient transportation solutions.

Whether you need a 53-ft. truck loaded to capacity or have less than a truckload of freight, Golden Temple Transport has a variety of services to suit your shipping needs.


The power only cab service isn’t only limited to a single trailer shipment, this service can provide a team of drivers depending on load size, number of trailers, and logistical needs. The power only shipping service we provide allows you to move your shipment locally, long distance, or even across state lines and international borders.


Dry cargo are used to carry solid dry goods that have a higher tolerance to heat and cold, such as metal ores, coal, steel products, forest products, and grains. These vessels are equipped with on-deck cranes and other mechanism for loading and unloading of goods.


When you have an urgent, emergency or time-critical shipment, Golden Temple Transport has you covered. Our Expedited Services team has extensive knowledge of freight forwarding and logistics to ensure your time-sensitive shipments receive the best service and support.


Ship your fresh or frozen products in a temperature controlled truck. If you are a shipper trading in chilled, frozen or fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers etc., you will require a refrigerated truck to move this cargo safely across the country. A refrigerated truck is specially designed to transport climate controlled and temperature-sensitive cargo with inbuilt cooling systems, it keeps the temperature constant right from pick up to delivery. 


Golden Temple Transport specialize in cross-border freight shipping to Canada from the USA and shipping the to USA from Canada. We provide a wide range of domestic and international trucking and freight shipping solutions, including less-than-truckload(LTL) freight and cross-border trucking. At our shipping company, we believe shipping freight should be easy. To keep true to this concept, our team of committed freight transport specialists use cutting edge technologies, reliable equipment, seamless processes and years of experience to provide reliable, hassle free transportation solutions.

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